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Annual Meeting Draft Minutes- February 19, 2017
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Annual Meeting Draft Minutes- February 19, 2017

Posted by: Admin on Mon, Mar 27, 2017

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Congregational Meeting

February 19, 2017

Draft Minutes


  • Call to Order : The meeting was called to order by Geoff Hamilton at 9:00 a.m. 44 members present.


  • Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes for 2016: Check for first and last names in minutes and change p6 in the Annual Report to Dottie Manning. Dottie started the Rainbow Gallery and Pastor Tim dedicated it. Monika Day motioned to accept the minutes with these changes. Mary Pat Ashby seconded. Unanimous.


  • Quorum count: 43 members present: There are 379 total members in the congregation. 5% is a quorum, which is19 members. Quorum present.


  • Reports


  • Pastor Tim Mason


  • We are considering hiring a Youth Director. We will be sending high school students to the Western States Youth Gathering this summer. Vacation Bible School will be led by a team from Lutheran Retreats Camp. There will be two weeks of Bible School presented for several ages.
  • Paul O. Jones has attended training to become a new leader for Stephen Ministries.
  • Pastor Tim Mason’s full report is in the Annual Report 2016, which is on file in the church office.


  • Council of Deacons (Geoff Hamilton, President)


  • Geoff Hamilton thanked members of Council who have served over the last two years.
  • He has a concern for attendance at the worship services.
  • Lea Del Castillo expressed her thanks for Geoff Hamilton’s leadership.
  • The President’s full report is in the Annual Report 2016 which is on file in the church office.


  • Treasurer and Auditing Committee (Mary Pat Ashby, Treasurer)


  • 2016 had many challenges and many amazing blessings.
  • We began the year with a break-even budget.
  • By mid-year, we recognized that giving and weddings were down, so each fiscal department was asked to not spend all of their budget.
  • By the end of the year, we were able to come in $71,000 under budget, and final loss was $22,200.00.
  • Calvary was blessed this year with two substantial gifts. One was from the estate of Donald K. Heffrin in the amount of $377,500.00. Mr. Heffrin had been a member of Calvary in the 1960s. There were no restrictions on the use of this gift. The other gift was from the estate of our member Diane Lau. On the last day of the year, $1,005,000.00 was deposited in the church’s account. In 2017, other assets will be disbursed. Her trust states that the funds are to be used for the Youth at Calvary.
  • In the 2017 budget, the plan recommended by the COD is as follows:
    • All children and Youth Programs will be supported by the Diane Lau fund.
    • $124,500.00 of the Heffrin fund will be utilized to support missions, the liturgical dance program, and grants to members to propose and implement ideas to help Calvary grow and be a blessing to our community.
    • All other operations of the church will be supported by giving and wedding income, and that portion of the budget has been developed with the goal of breaking even by year-end.
    • An additional $200,000.00 of the Heffrin fund will be allocated to capital projects over the next two years.
    • The remaining $50,000.00 of the Heffrin fund will be placed in the Calvary Endowment fund.

Mary Pat Ashby’s full written report is in the 2016 Annual Report and on file in the church office.


  • Mary Pat Ashby would like an Audit committee to be formed. She requested three volunteers to take ½ day to complete another audit.


  • CBTS Montessori School (Momi Martinez, Director)


  • Momi thanked Jennifer Welch for her year of service as the Interim Director of Calvary By the Sea Montessori Preschool. Momi Martinez was hired as the permanent Director of the preschool and began work on May 22, 2016.
  • Financially, the school is well off with a net income of $71,811.12.
  • The school is based on “Love One Another”.
  • Some teachers have 20+ years of experience.
  • Chapel is led on Wednesday mornings by Pastor Tim Mason.
  • Momi Martinez is grateful for her incredible staff and the congregation.


  • Worship and the Arts (Tom Poole, Director)


  • This year is Tom Poole’s 10th anniversary.
  • Tom Poole referred to the Annual Report as the people’s response to God’s Word
  • Tom Poole thanked the Calvary Choir, Fletch Young (Sound Engineer), Ina Young (Organist, Handbell Choir Director, Keiki Choir Director, and PAC co-director), instrumentalists who accompanied our services, dancers in our service and the Tribes. Tom Poole referred to all of them as his heroes. Bob Joseph and Peter Matsumoto, two members of the Calvary Choir, passed away as well as Diane Lau, our cheerleader. Peter underwrote the purchase of our white aloha wear.
  • Most significant event: Saturday Evening Worship Service. This has been a labor of joy.


  • Committee Reports (These are highlights spoken at the microphone. The full committee reports are on included in the Annual Report 2016, which is on file in the church office.)


  • Property and Grounds Committee (Tim Sprowls):


In late 2015, we retained an Engineering firm to conduct a survey of the property and create a phased maintenance plan for the next several years. In early 2016, we received the results of the reserve study and started working on the suggested repairs. Major projects accomplished this year include:

  • Carpet was replaced in the sanctuary
  • Resurfaced the driveway
  • Installed a solar air conditioner in the Pastor’s office
  • Replaced a failed air conditioner in the Preschool area of Hale Aloha, as well as rerouted a second air conditioner into the space.
  • Replaced a broken door on the men’s bathroom
  • Tim Sprowls thanked Ken Hutchinson and Bob Legler for all of their volunteer efforts on the buildings and grounds this year.
  • Tim Sprowls asked for volunteers to serve on committee. Please contact the church office or any COD member, if interested.


  • Endowment Team (Pulelehua Quirk): Acknowledged: Nackil Sung and Linda Hansen for their service. They are outgoing members.


  • Angel Network (Jewell Tuitele): Over the last four years, Jewell and Cheryl Tuitele have served on Angel Network. What Jewell Tuitele saw was that ANC was giving a fish, and some people were taking advantage of the system. ANC’s new mission statement, in essence, is “we are not going to just give fish, we are going to teach people how to fish”.


1. Renovated the facility and kitchen

2. Teaching: First cooking class yesterday with Chef Steve

3. Pay it forward



  • Sunday School: (Kelly Holden) Kelly Holden encouraged us to come April 2nd, when we will have a “Sunday School Service” during Worship.


  • Stephen Ministry (Paul O. Jones): Paul O. Jones emphasized the importance of the ministry to our church, as caregivers doing the Lord’s work. If you are experiencing a life crisis, let Pastor Tim Mason or a Stephen minister know.


  • Stewardship Committee and Counting Team: Mahalo to the counting team: Mary Pat Ashby, Judith Cucco, Naomi Kau, Bev Matsumoto, Jennifer Welch, Kim Bock, Leslie Dorman, Yuriko Mason, and Martha Staff. Stewardship had the highest number of pledges ever, and a great Stewardship event, thanks to the stewardship team. The committee completed its campaign for the new organ, which was dedicated on January 3, 2016. Our initial goal was to raise $45,000.00 but, in the end, we raised $51,687.00, so the fund raising effort was a grand success!


  • Yoga Program(Martha Staff and Laura Sprowls) Mahalo to Martha Staff and Laura Sprowls, our Yoga instructors. Yoga-by-the-Sea has been operating for more than seven years and continues to offer two classes per week. The classes are donation based, enabling the purchase of needed props and equipment, with the balance of donations given to ANC.


  • Mindfulness Group meets on Friday evenings. (Anthony DiMello)



  • Election: Presented by the Nominating Committee

Jon Osorio introduced the nominating committee: Linda Hansen, Bryce Harken, Pam Fajima, Pastor TimMason, Tim Sprowls (until nominated for President) served on the committee.

    • President of the Congregation: Tim Sprowls

      1. Additional nominations: none
    • Secretary of the Congregation: Jennifer Welch
      1. Additional nominations: none
    • Three members of the Council of Deacons (3 year terms): Kelly Holden, Patti Kickland
      1. Additional nominations: none.
      2. Procedure for filling the remaining seat: The Constitution states C12.03. “Should a member’s place on the Council of Deacons be declared vacant, the Council of Deacons shall elect, by majority vote, a successor until the next annual meeting.” This was announced by Geoff Hamilton and will be fulfilled by the new Council of Deacons in March, 2017.
    • Four Members of the Nominating Committee: Mike May, Laura Sprowls, Hannelore Herrmann, and Mary Osorio.

At 9:59 a.m., the election was closed by Tim Sprowls.


  • Approval of Year 2017 Budget: Mary Pat Ashby, Treasurer
    • Mary Pat Ashby thanked John Keys and Shelby Yuu for their help with the setting of the annual budget.
    • The driving force for the budget planning was the ability to flourish and grow.
    • Gift Policy

The Calvary By the Sea Lutheran Church has adopted Guidelines on Distribution of Gifts. This policy was approved at the 16 December 2004 Council of Deacon meeting and affirmed at the 20 February 2005 CBTS Annual Meeting and states:

These guidelines apply only to undesignated (no donor restrictions) gifts of $25,000.00 or more that have been accepted under the 2004 CBTS Gift Acceptance Policy (item 5.13) and reviewed under the 2004 CBTS investment Policy.

Distribution of gifts:

When a gift is received the Council of Deacons should consider these priorities for the distribution of funds:

  1. Council consider giving a percentage to Missions that corresponds to the percentage of total Mission in the current CBTS budget. For example, if the current budget gives 16% to missions, that is the percentage that will be designated to support Missions. This needs not be limited to the current CBTS budget mission designees.
  2. Council consider payment toward CBTS debt reduction or elimination.
  3. Council consider new or existing requests for emergency or non-programmed purposes.
  4. Council consider adding to the CBTS Endowment Fund.
  5. Council consider maintaining a minimum reserve fund as part of the budgetary process.


This year’s Legacy Gifts include the Heffrin Fund and the Lau Fund. Council recommended spending the Heffrin fund over two years with the allocations listed in the report. We are open to which missions we will give to and are asking for suggestions from the congregation. Submit a written request to the Council of Deacons.

Discussion of the 2017 Budget:

  • Jon Osorio entreated us to dream and come forward with ideas for growth in our church activities.
  • The new Council will create a process for the “Growth Grants” as a part of the decisions to spend the Legacy Gifts.
  • Pulelehua Quirk suggested that we create small groups that meet in individual homes to talk about those growth dreams. Pu has volunteered to help with that process, but is asking for a point person to volunteer. Several people volunteered: Mickey May. Laura Sprowls, Martha Staff. Suggestions: Karen Sisler suggested a Sunshine Committee, and support for people who are ill, or simply to thank someone. Mickey May suggested holding activities on campus to support our kapunas in the community.
  • Mary Pat Ashby spoke to our Investments Policy and that she asked Marty Welch and Marc Adelberger to take a look at it. They are in the process of deciding on conservative investments.
  • Diane Lau Fund: We will use some of the monies to fund operations this year, then less next year, and none the third year (check report)
  • Capital Budget will use $175,000.00 to keep up the sanctuary for weddings.
  • UI Productions and Paul Tomita: Paul Tomita increased what he pays per wedding next year. The solar panels that he installed for us 4 or 5 years ago have drastically reduced our electric bill. He also applied for us to get a residential rate on our electric bill, which decreased our bill again. We are thankful to Paul Tomita for all he does for us.

From the discussion:

  • Jennifer Welch motioned to amend the Diane Lau budget from $61,000.00 to $100,000.00 for Youth Programs from the Diane Lau bequest. Seconded by Sherri Clark. Pu Quirk amended the motion to allocate $100,000.00 for Youth Expenditures from the Diane Lau bequest. Jennifer Welch accepted the amended motion. Judith Cucco seconded. Unanimous.

Further discussion:

  • Laura Sprowls: How do we define Youth? What ages?
  • Suzie Hall suggested calling a Youth Minister who would head this.
  • Suggestion by Alyssa Mencel: T.I.M. team (Teens In Ministry)
  • Karen Sisler suggested being good stewards of the gift money and only spending what is required.
  • Mickey May asked if we would consider a full-time Youth Minister when we are discussing this in Council.

Vote on the Amended budget:

Kelly Holden motioned to approve the Calvary operating budget not to exceed $1,073,132.00 Seconded by Lea Del Castillo. Unanimous.

Election results:

 For President of the Council: Tim Sprowls 51 votes

 For Secretary of Council: Jennifer Welch 48 votes

 For Council of Deacons:

  • Patti Kickland 49 votes
  • Kelly Holden 49 votes


 For the 2018 Nominating Committee:

  • Mike May: 49 votes
  • Laura Sprowls: 48 votes
  • Hannelore Herrmann: 48 votes
  • Mary Osorio: 48 votes


Geoff Hamilton announced that the candidates are elected.


Marty Welch motioned to close the meeting.  Monika Day seconded. Unanimous.

Tim Sprowls announced next year’s annual Congregational meeting will be on February 18th, 2018.

The service continued with Communion.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Welch


Council of Deacons