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Approved Minutes- May 2017
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Approved Minutes- May 2017

Posted by: Admin on Wed, Jun 14, 2017

Council of Deacons Meeting

May 18, 2017


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call:  The meeting was called to order at 5:58 p.m. Present: Pastor Tim Mason, Tim Sprowls, Kim Bock, Patti Kickland, Kelly Holden, Cheryl Tuitele, Lisa May Montano, Paul O. Jones, Jennifer Welch, Mary Pat Ashby, and Kaui Lucas. Also present: Momi Martinez and Tom Poole.
  2. Team Building Moment – Tim Sprowls
  3. Devotions: Pastor Tim Mason led devotions.
  4. Approval of Minutes from April 20, 2017 meeting: A motion was made by Kelly Holden to approve the minutes as written. It was seconded by Cheryl Tuitele. Unanimous.
  5. Reports
    1. Preschool – Momi Martinez

April Enrollment

The Toddler Program has 14 students.

Primary Programs have a total of 50 students.

22 students are enrolled in After Care.


Classes at CBTSMS

Soccer Shots will continue to meet on Tuesdays at 2:30 in Hale Aloha.



We have a total of 10 full time teachers, a part time teacher and 2 substitute teachers.



April 27 - Twelve parents participated in our “Montessori Math” workshop


June 10 – Yard & Bake Sale – We would appreciate any baked goods and new (or gently used) household items, toys or clothes.  Baked goods and items may be dropped off Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 2:30.



The school is doing well and operating in the black.

  1. Pastor’s Report – Pastor Tim Mason

    1. Assembly

  • Many thanks for Bruce and Linda. They will be giving a short report May 28 during the 10:00 a.m. service.


  1. LRCC

  • The team is chosen. Tickets are purchased. Housing is set.
  • Need assistance in feeding the team dinner.
  • Grateful we will be catering VBS lunches.
  • Thankful for Pati Kickland and Kelly Holden for helping with registration.
  • We are having a planning meeting just for our students this Sunday.
  • Get ready for a chili cook-off!
  • Pastor Tim will work with Brister Thomas to come up with a Waiver of Liability.
  • There is a Lutheran Music Program in the summer of 2018 and Pastor would like to send students to it. Tom Poole has the information about it.
  • Confirmation Camp at LRCC. El Camino Pines and Luther Glen (Bible Camp) July 16-21. $430


I would like to announce with great thanksgiving that Harlow Thomas will be confirmed on May 21 at the 10:00 am worship service. She is planning on continuing to study with the confirmation class next year as well, for fun.


Pastor Tim will be asking for a Church Waiver of Liability for Western States Youth Gathering.


  1. Music and Worship Report – Tom Poole

(*=Saturday Services resume on 9 September) 


MAY— TRIBE 1, Pulelehua Quirk


May 7—EASTER 4

John 10: 1‒30; Jesus, the good shepherd

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Becky Yoza, Krystle Hara, Skylar Yamamoto (bell trio) @ 10 am service


John 14: 1-14; Jesus is the way to the Father; the truth 

 Preaching, Don Asman

 Music, Calvary Choir, “In the Sweet By-and-By”


John 14: 15-21; promise of Holy Spirit/if you love me keep my commandments 

 Presiding, Kahu Tim

 Music, PAC @ both services = Good Samaritan

May 28—EASTER 7


REPORT OF PACIFICA SYNOD 2017 (Bruce Kau, Linda Hansen)

John 17: 1‒1; High Priestly Prayer

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Calvary Choir, “Hard Times, Come Again No More”

JUNE— TRIBE 2, Renee Ako




John 7: 37‒39; OR John 20: 19‒23 sending of Spirit connected with glorification of Jesus

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Calvary Choir, “Sing Them Over Again to Me”



Matthew 28: 16‒20; Commissioning of disciples: go & make disciples, baptizing, etc 

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Calvary Choir, “How Lovely Are the Messengers”


Matthew 9: 35—10: 8; Healing of the mute; summoning of 12 with mission: cure the

Sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, cast our demons

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Calvary Choir, “And the Glory of the Lord”

June 21, Wednesday, 7 pm—ANC/CBTS Fundraiser Concert

 Youth Choir, of University United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, NC

 Tim Baker, director

 (Also, choir will assist w/ food distribution at ANC)


Matthew 10: 24‒39; Hard sayings: I have come to bring a sword; take up your cross

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Calvary Choir, “Will You Come and Follow Me,” OR “Ave Verum”

JULY— TRIBE 3, Leslie Dorman; Mary Osorio

(Ina in Germany all of July; Fletch the last 2 weeks; tp covers for Ina)


Matthew 10: 24‒39; Hard sayings: I have come to bring a sword; take up your cross

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, SOLO or Calvary Choir, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”




Matthew 11: 16‒19, 25‒30; Jesus thanks Father; come to me all you that are weary, etc.

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, SOLO or Calvary Choir, “Thy Will Be Done”



Matthew 13: 1‒9, 18-23; parable of sower and explanation

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, SOLO


Matthew 13: 24‒30, 36-43; parable of weeds among wheat and explanation

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, duet, Martha and Charlie


Matthew 13: 31‒33, 44-52; parable of mustard seed; treasure hidden in field

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, SOLO or Calvary Choir, “Where Your Treasure Is”


 29 May, Memorial Day

1 June, Pentecost

21 June (Wed), ANC/CBTS Fund-raiser by

 University United Methodist Church Youth Choir, Chapel Hill, NC

 (choir to assist w/ ANC Food distribution 22 or 23 June)


•Ina in Germany 2 July—3 August/Fletch in Germany 17 July—3 August


•Tom vacation 31 July (Mon)—4 Aug (Fri)

  1. Executive session with Tom Poole


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Mary Pat Ashby

    1. Attendance by Month Chart - Mary Pat showed us the attendance trends. The data is following the same patterns as previous years.
    2. Book keeper: We have candidates for the position. Mary Pat will begin interviewing next week along with Susan Lord.

 Mary Pat Ashby’s Report:

As of April 30, 2017



  • The General Fund Stewardship Offerings were 17% below budget year-to-date April 30, 2017.  The trend is continuing from last year, and appears to be related to a similar drop in attendance.
  • Wedding income was above budget year-to-date by 8%.  Due to the increase in the weddings, the total year-to-date income was above budget by 1%.
  • The Lau funds are now in an interest bearing demand checking account, earning an annual rate of 1%.  Over the next several months, options will be considered for investing a large portion of the fund in instruments that will produce a larger return. 
  • The Heffrin fund is also invested in an interest bearing demand checking account, earning 1% annually.



  • General Fund expenses were slightly under budget at the end of the period.  This is in spite of the fact that the church had to tent the sanctuary, which was a large and unplanned cost.
  • To date, withdrawals have been made from the Lau fund for the following youth programs:  Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Performing Arts at Calvary, and the teen group that will be attending the Western State Youth Gathering in California in
  • As the grant process has not yet started, no expenses have been incurred by the Heffrin Fund.

Net Income

  • The General Fund was close to break-even.
  • The Lau Fund will show a large net income all year due to significant contribution received this fiscal year.
  • The Heffrin Fund showed a positive balance due to the lack of expense.  It is planned that, as the grants are issued, the fund will show a loss for the year since all of the funds were received last year.


  1. Building and Grounds – Kurt Mencel:

    1. Kurt looked at the Reserve study and spoke to as many people as he could so far. Ken Hutchinson, Laura Sprowls and Susan Lord are on his Building and Grounds committee.

      1. To be done: Cement work around foundation of sanctuary; Tree in preschool yard; Grass area that is our parking lot. These will be done during the two weeks that the school and office are closed in July.
      2. Kurt is working on a Project Management Report that prioritizes items identified this year.
      3. Kurt proposes to have members, especially the youth, adopt an area of the property. He would either have work days (evenings) or people can also volunteer for areas on their own.
      4. Tim Sprowls brought up the need for the exterior door of the preschool to be replaced and there was a consensus to approve replacing the door.

  1. New Business

    1. Bibles for Sunday School: Kelly Holden Kelly would like to buy Bibles for all the children to keep. Kelly motions that we reallocate $500 to the SS budget to allow for the purchase of Bibles for the children. The treasurer will recommend to Council where the reallocation will come from. Kaui Lucas seconded. There was discussion. Unanimous.

      1. Last Sunday School for the year is May 28th.
    2. Update on Shelby Yuu – Kaui Lucas
      1. We have a replacement for Shelby. The candidate has accepted the job, but still needs to fill out the form and go through the background check. When these are finished, he is scheduled to begin May 23, 2017. Lehua is keeping track of her overtime as she is an hourly employee.
    3. “Out to Lunch” and Use of “Preschool Entrance” sign in office – Jennifer Welch recommended that the sign that Lehua puts up needs to be amended. There was a consensus to have the sign now say, “Out To Lunch – Please use the gate outside of the play yard of the Preschool and ring the bell to enter.” Jennifer Welch will let Lehua know of the change.
    4. Makana Lani and readying for Youth – Tim Sprowls – Postponed


  1. Old Business

    1. Approval of the Growth Grant Guidelines/Application Process and Volunteers – Mary Pat Ashby - Postponed
    2. Endowment Committee Report: Pu Quirk –
      1. Motion by the Endowment Committee: To approve the recommendation of the Endowment Team to distribute a total of $11,262.68 to be disbursed from the Endowment Fund to supporting the following projects:

1. $4577.88. Local Mission/Youth. Funding food for classes to strengthen knowledge of healthy eating habits. Addressing obesity in youth in Hawaii. Submitted by Jewell Tuitele.


2. $1,500. Capital/Music & Worship. Provide a safe and adequate performance space in the sanctuary for the instrumentalists at the top of the choir section. Submitted by Tom Poole.


3. $3,000. Global Missions/Youth. Student ministry work by supporting Svetlana Demenina, a missionary in Eastern Europe. Sveta has been a full time missionary since 2014, working with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. Since the dissolution of Chi Alpha, Sveta is working to integrate student leaders into the leadership of the youth program at a local Protestant Church. Submitted by Katie Kam.


4. $185. Education/Local Mission. Zumba pro skills tuition for training to support our resident Zumba teacher providing free classes for the community. Submitted by Brenda Molina.


5. $2.000. Youth/Education. Support for Amanda Hutchinson Lutheran pastor training at Luther Seminary . Submitted by Ken & Kristia Huchinson.  


  1. There was a motion by Jennifer to approve the recommendation of the Endowment Team to distribute a total of $11,262.68 to be disbursed from the Endowment Fund to support the following projects:  $4577.88 for Local Mission/Youth submitted by Jewell Tuitele, $1,500 for Capital /Music & Worship submitted by Tom Poole, $3,000 for Global Missions/Youth submitted by Katie Kam, and $185 for Education/Local Mission submitted by Brenda Molina and $2,000 Youth/Education submitted by Ken and Kristia Hutchinson. Seconded by Kelly Holden. Unanimous.
  2. New Member Approval. Kim Bock moves that we approve the following members:
    • Mary Pat Ashby (3/6/16)
    • Marc Orgish (10/2/16)
    • Eileen Orgish (10/2/16)
    • Caroline Carl (10/2/16)
    • Bill Carl (10/2/16)
    • Bonnie Oda (10/2/16)
    • Ellyn Kingsmill (10/2/16)
    • Kevin Dietsch (10/2/16)
    • Rhonda Dietsch (10/2/16)
    • Kurt Mencel (4/2/17)
    • Tammy Mencel (4/2/17)
    • Alyssa Mencel- 18 yr. old daughter
    • Alek Mencel- 16 yr. old son
    • Beth Eskritt (4/2/17)
    • Daniel Bice (4/2/17)
    • Holly Larson (4/2/17)
    • Jacob Larson (4/2/17)


Patti Kickland seconded. Unanimous.


  1. UI Wedding 2018 Contract Modification: Paul Tomita proposes a contract modification that involves changing the later time slots to two hour blocks. Delayed till next month.
  2. Childcare workers for 2017 – Cheryl Tuitele and Lisa May Montano: Staff Support Committee will work on getting regular helpers for Sunday School hired. They need to be 16 years old and have a background check.
  3. Liaisons for Committees: Tim Sprowls - Tabled.

  1. Additional Business

    1. Tenting of the church and prevention of future outbreaks – Executive session – Tim Sprowls
    2. Website: Kaui brought up that there is a monthly budget for the website, but they need to update our speed for the site. Kaui will work with Mary Pat Ashby to work out the budget for this.
    3. Youth Director: There was discussion about the process for hiring a Youth Director. The committee has a proposal for a job description. The Youth Director committee will send the job description to the Staff Support Committee first for approval and then the approved version will be brought to the COD for approval.
  2. Executive Session – Tim Sprowls and Kaui Lucas
  3. Adjournment and Closing Prayer - The meeting was adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Welch, Secretary