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Approved Minutes- July 2017
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Approved Minutes- July 2017

Posted by: Admin on Mon, Aug 14, 2017


Council of Deacons Meeting

July 20, 2017

Draft Minutes

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call:  In attendance: Jennifer Welch, Pastor Tim Mason, Tim Sprowls, Cheryl Tuitele, Patti Kickland, Pat Wong, Mary Pat Ashby, Paul O. Jones, Kelly Holden, Lisa May Montano, Kaui Lucas. Also present: Kurt Mencel. 
  2. Team Building Moment – Tim Sprowls
  3. Devotions: Pastor Tim led devotions.
    1. Approval of Minutes from June 15, 2017 meeting: With change of Pastor John Lunn spelling correction. Pat Wong moved, Kelly Holden seconded. Unanimous.
  4. Reports
    1. Preschool – Momi Martinez (Budget and budget request) 


The Toddler Program had 12 students.

Primary Program had 35 students May 18 – June 8; 31 students June 9 - 30

18 students were enrolled in After Care.

The school is closed in July.


Classes at CBTSMS

Soccer Shots continued through June on Tuesdays at 2:30

Tuesday Music Time with Mr. Tom continued through June

Wednesday chapel time with Pastor Tim continued through June.



8 full-time teachers and 2 substitute teachers worked through June.



The school has is operating in the black, both for the month of June and year-to-date.


It was noted that there was a pay discrepancy for a couple of staff that Momi Martinez and Tori Spaulding (Bookkeeper) were handling, as well as that the preschool was off for all of July. Staff Support Committee and the church Treasurer will work with Momi to insure preschool staff are paid properly.


  1. Pastor’s Report – Pastor Tim Mason  


1. Rhonda Dietsch Aging Workshop/ Plan Wisely. Preparing for Later Years with Strength and Dignity.

a. Proposed schedule would be to meet every week, or every other week for about 10 weeks per series. Meeting in Ohana Lani (the school) from 6 – 8 pm on Sunday nights.

b. Week 1. Plan Wisely – Essential household matters.

c. Week 2. Tell your story – Key events, milestones, and pictures.

d. Week 3. Stay Safe – Guard against fraud and identity theft.

e. Week 4. Get your House in Order – Financial/Legal Matters.

f. Week 5. Retool w/purpose – Making each year count

g. Week 6. Health Matters – Consider medical and living situations.

h. Week 7. Celebrate Life – Legacy, values and testimony to share.

i. Week 8. Plan Your Estate – Choose your course so the state doesn’t have to. j. Week 9. Family Interactions – Sharing your Five Wishes.

k. Week 10. Where do we go from here?


Later we will be hosting workshops on Stroke, Alzheimer’s, and exploring the “Home Health Aid Handbook.”


2. Vacation Bible School: First week was for Middle and High School age kids. On the first day we had nine participants. As many had periodic family responsibilities, attendance varied. The second week was for elementary age kids, and the high school age kids from the previous week were invited to help the counselors and myself with logistics. We had ten participants. Many thanks to Dovan, Ashton T., Alyssa and Melyssa M., Seth B., and Arwen S., for all their help in setting up, encouraging the younger kids, and especially in helping me set up, prepare and clean up after lunch! Be sure to check out the pictures and videos on our Facebook page, Ashton, Melysa, Seth, and Alyssa all commented that they wanted to attend one of the LRCC camps next year as campers or Counselors in training. We need to keep them engaged and excited through the year and send them to CA next summer.


3. Youth Group: Since the Western States Youth Gathering a solid group has formed and the kids now have formed a snapchat group to keep in touch with each other. They have also requested to attend the ELCA National Youth Gathering in Houston, TX in 2018, 5. Brister has worked to maintain the positive group momentum from WSYG. Here are some of the activities she has done with or is planning with the youth: Movie night, Paint the Youth Room, Beach day, Vacation Bible School, Bellows Camp Out.

4. Cheryl R., the late Tom Sumner’s daughter, is requesting that we return the pew plaques Tom made in honor of his family. Even though they are the property of the church, I truly believe that for the sake of her continued recovery, it would be most helpful for her if we returned them to her. After discussion, there was a consensus to return the plaque to Cheryl R.


5. Pastor Tim proposed a candidate for interim Youth Pastor, and it was sent back to the Staff Support Committee to consider and recommend to the COD at a later date.


6. Please remember Philip Wang who is presently suffering from deteriorating arteries in his heart.


7. I have begun to re-write our Monthly Church Checklist as some of the timing for planning has changed. I.e., we must decide on our Vacation Bible School dates and curriculum in February and sign up kids by EARLY March. The COD discussed this item and there was aconsensus to begin the process the August prior to Vacation Bible School (almost one year in advance).


8. Pastor is planning on taking off two weeks in August for vacation. He will let Staff Support know exactly when. Shelby is due back in early August.


  1. Music and Worship Report – Tom Poole Tom Poole was absent, so there was no report.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Mary Pat Ashby

    1. Vacation Bible School: Cost about 7,100.00.
    2. Western States: Cost about $12,000.00. Mary Pat Ashby suggested that the Youth fund raise toward next year’s trip and there was a consensus to do that.
    3. Liability Insurance: Mary Pat Ashby reviewed all of the active groups at church and their liability. The AA groups are looking into it and ANC is also looking into it.
    4. Tori Spaulding and Mary Pat Ashby are looking at payroll and how it is handled. Mary Pat will work with Momi Martinez and Tori Spaulding to go over our processes.
    5. Income: The General Fund Stewardship Offerings were slightly under budget (-4%) year-to-date June 30, 2017. Wedding income was above budget year-to-date by 7%. Total income was above budget by 4% for the year.
    6. Expenses: General Fund expenses were under budget by nearly 12% at the end of the period. Salary costs were 5% under budget, and non-salary costs were 16% under budget.


To date, withdrawals have been made from the Lau Fund for the following youth programs: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Performing Arts at Calvary, and the Teen Outreach program. The teen group attended the Western States Youth Gathering in California in late June, and Vacation Bible School was held the first two weeks of July. Final expenses for those programs will be posted in the July report.


The Heffrin Fund has been used to-date for capital expenditures and a budgeted gift to the church’s Endowment Fund.


  1. Net Income: Year-to-date, the General Fund was budgeted at a loss. However, due to increases in wedding income and lower than expected expenses, net income is positive.


  1. Building and Grounds – Kurt Mencel

    1. Security Cameras around the preschool have been installed. Kurt Mencel will double check that the cameras cover the required areas.
    2. Campus Security was discussed and a buzzer system was suggested. The Safety Action Committee will discuss this in their next meeting.
    3. Property Committee Members: We are currently in need of additional property committee members. Kurt Mencel is requesting to speak briefly at Sunday church services to ask for volunteers. He is looking  to have four subcommittee chairs:
      1. Exterior of property buildings
      2. Interior of property buildings
      3. Landscaping of campus property
      4. Accessories (Furniture, artwork, etc.)
    4. Major projects that are in the process of seeking request for proposals (RFPs) and miscellaneous items resolved or under consideration:
      1. Concrete Repair/Tuck Pointing on the Sanctuary is requesting RFPs.
      2. Landscape project around the campus to include: Meetings set with Landscape Architects for design proposals which will be used to secure RFPs.
      3. Bed Bug issue – No news/good news
    5. The Property Committee oversees:
      1. Operational Functions as they relate to CBTS building and Grounds
      2. Major maintenance issues that arise
      3. The conceiving of and recommendation for new capital project proposals (including estimated and or fixed costs for reviews by the Council of Deacons)
      4. Quality control of any current or upcoming approved projects
      5. The Property Committee Annual Budget
    6. The Property Committee meeting times:

The Property Committee will meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1630 hours – This will allow us to present information/topics to the Executive Committee (who meet later that week) to be placed on the agenda for the Council meeting later that month.

  1. Staff Support – Pat Wong

The committee is in the process of recruiting two more members. Many thanks to Cheryl Tuitele, Laura Sprowls and Lisa May Montano for their service. Their terms have ended. Pat Wong met with the church staff and had a very positive meeting.

  1. New Business

    1. Church Retreat October 6, 7, 8, 9, 2017– Kim Bock came to executive Council meeting last week and the prices for October, 2017 will be the same as last year.
  2. Old Business
    1. UI Wedding 2018 Contract Modification: Paul Tomita proposes a contract modification that involves changing the later time slots to two-hour blocks. After discussion, there was a motion  to approve as amended by Pat Wong. Kelly Holden seconded. Unanimous. A copy of the Church Wedding License Agreement is on file in the church office.
    2. Liaisons for Committees: Tim Sprowls - Tim will send an email for us to consider which liaison slots we are willing to serve on. Tim Sprowls passed around the list again. The hard copy is on file in the office.
  3. Additional Business
    1. Executive Session – Pastor Tim
    2. “Journey With Death” workshop for September 8 and 9, 2017 needs childcare. After discussion, Kaui Lucas will work with Momi Martinez to see if preschool staff would be interested in providing childcare.
  4. Adjournment and Closing Prayer The meeting was adjourned and closing prayer was led by Pastor Tim Mason.


Respectfully submitted, 

Jennifer Welch, Secretary