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Approved Minutes- June 2017
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Approved Minutes- June 2017

Posted by: Admin on Fri, Jul 7, 2017

Council of Deacons Meeting

June 15, 2017


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call:  Present: Tim Sprowls, Pastor Tim Mason, Jennifer Welch, Cheryl Tuitele, Kim Bock, Mary Pat Ashby, Paul O Jones, Kaui Lucas (via phone), Pat Wong and Lisa May Montano. Also present were Tom Poole and Momi Martinez.
  2. Team Building Moment – Tim Sprowls
  3. Devotions: Pastor Tim led us in devotions.
  4. Approval of Minutes from May 18, 2017 meeting: Cheryl Tuitele motioned to approve the minutes, and Mary Pat Ashby seconded. Unanimous.
  5. Reports
    1. Preschool – Momi Martinez

Momi Martinez turned in the minutes from the April 24th, 2017 Safety Action Committee meeting. The minutes outlined outcomes of their discussions. The committee will be working on and implementing an emergency action plan for the school. They will train the staff and have written policies as well as practice drills. In addition, there was consensus from the Council of Deacons to approve the purchase of Walkie-Talkies, exterior building cameras, new back fence with a latch and locking system, and new glass doors outside of Tom Poole’s office. The full report as well as proposals/quotes and specs are on file in the church office.


Funding for these projects is anticipated to come out of the Building and Property budget. If additional money is needed there was a consensus that the remaining money needed would be covered 2/3 by the Preschool and 1/3 by the church.


Summer Enrollment:

The toddler program has 12 students. The Primary program has 35 students May 18-June 8; 31 students June 9 – 30; 18 students are enrolled in Aftercare.


Classes at CBTSMS:

Soccer Shots, Music Time with Mr. Tim and Christian Education with Pastor Tim.



8 full-time teachers and 2 substitute teachers


June Events:

  • Summer Reading Program through Aina Haina Library
  • Two walking trips to see Steve Weeks and Susie the Fairy Godmother at the Aina Haina Library.
  • The paramedics came to introduce their ambulance, the work they do and the medical supplies they use.
  • Yard Sale earned $1011.50. It was humbling to meet a few people who purchased items to send to other countries or to give toward Christmas shoebox.
  • Safety Action Committee Meeting on June 5 with Momi Martinez, Kurt Mencel, Kelly Holden, Darryle and Jennifer Matsumiya attending.



  • The school continues to be in the black financially.
  • This next year, the preschool will be going through the accreditation process with N.A.E.Y.C. This process is time consuming and will require input and support from the COD, teachers, parents and community. Once accredited, we are able to receive keiki with scholarships from other sources such as Pauahi Keiki Scholars. We will also be eligible for grants.

The full preschool report is on file in the office.


Mary Pat Ashby brought up that one of the air conditioners in the Primary classroom has died. There was a consensus to have Kurt Mencel call John Collins to see about a replacement.


  1. Pastor’s Report –

  • Western States Youth Gathering

    • 8 students, one chaperone
    • Bristor Thomas and Pastor Jeff Lilley have been in communication about all the logistics and transportation.
    • The Chili and Pie Cook off will be held 9/17/17
    • During the event, the youth will be discussing what they learned and experienced each day. Upon returning home they will begin preparing for a Youth Sunday when they will lead the worship with sharing, songs and prayers. This will take place on July 23, 2017.
  • The Youth are planning on re-decorating the Youth Room this summer.
  • Vacation Bible School: : July 3-7 for middle and high school, July 10-14 for ages 6 through 6th grade.
    • Cost: $60 includes 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. VBS program and lunch.
    • Registration has begun; 7 in elementary and 1 in HS so far.
    • We are still looking for a caterer for the lunches, and I am waiting for a response from Lanakila Kitchen. “Keiki Lunchbox” was not able to fill our order due to a lack of staff.
    • The Ashby’s have graciously offered housing. Please consider hosting our four-member team for dinner or by purchasing gift cards.
  • May 10-12 Annual Pacifica Asembly was held in San Diego. Linda Hansen and Bruce Kau were our representatives. I thank them both for their enthusiasm and sharing their experience with our congregation.
    • We are not offering aftercare this year.
  • Many thanks to Sandy and all the PAC participants. The May production featured live music singing without a CD backup and it was a grand success.
  • Dates for the future:
    • 10/14/17 at 2 p.m.: Hukilau Reformation Worship at St. Andrew’s (followed by reception)
    • 10/20 – 10/21/17: Reformation concert at Lutheran Church Honolulu
    • 7/7/17: Pastor Tim will be hosting the Bristol Hospice Memorial Service at CBTS.
    • 7/23/17: Second annual Blood Drive from 8:00 – 1:00
  • It is time to build more memorial plaque foundations.


  1. Music and Worship Report – Tom Poole

  • June 21, 2017 7 p.m.: ANC/CBTS Fundraiser Concert featuring the Youth Choir of University United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, NC
  • July: Tribe 2 Renee Ako
  • July 6: First Thursday Choir Rehearsal 6:30 p.m.
  • July 16: VBS assisting in service
  • August: Tribe 4: Garret Pick Music provided by solos, duets and ensembles
  • August 11/12/13: Choir Potluck TBD
  • September 9, 2017 Saturday evening services resume
  • CBTS was asked by Bill Kuhn, President of Region 4, to host “Hearts-Hands-Voices”, an Association of Lutheran Church Musicians workshop instead of regional conferences. Time, date and details to be worked out over the next several months. The session will be on a Saturday. The COD discussed and came to a consensus to host this at CBTS.
  • Tom Poole has a candidate for sound technician who is under the age of 16. Cheryl Tuitele will send the information pertaining to the steps necessary in order to hire an underage employee.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Mary Pat Ashby


The General Fund Stewardship Offerings were on budget year-to-date May 31, 2017. This was primarily due to a lump sum pledge payment for part of 2016 and all of 2017 by one member. Wedding income was above budget year-to-date by 7%. Due to these increases, the total income was above budget by 5%. The Lau and Heffrin funds are now in an interest bearing demand checking account, earning an annual rate by one of 1%.


General Fund expenses were under budget by nearly 5% at the end of the period. This is in spite of the fact that the church had to tent the sanctuary, which was a large and unplanned cost. To date, withdrawals have been made from the Lau fund for the following youth programs: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Performing Arts at Calvary, and the teen group that will be attending the Western State Youth Gathering in California in late June. In May, a withdrawal was made from the Heffrin Fund and sent for deposit into the church’s Endowment Fund, as per the budget. As the grant process has not yet started, no further expenses have been incurred.

Net Income

The General Fund was positive, primarily due to the increases in offering and wedding income.


There was a discussion about incidental costs while the Youth are at the Western States Youth Gathering in June. The COD came to a consensus to give Brister Thomas $800.00 to cover incidentals on the Great Western States Youth trip.


Mary Pat Ashby also submitted a report of church attendance by month 2014-2017. The pattern for 2017 reflects previous years, but with consistently lower numbers.


  1. Building and Grounds – Kurt Mencel

The following report will highlight: Property Committee members (currently identified), Property Committee responsibilities/duties as understood by Kurt Mencel (Property Committee Chair), Property Committee meeting dates and times, current/immediate capital projects that are being pursued, miscellaneous items that have recently been addressed.

  1. Property Committee members:


We currently have 4 members who are serving on the Property Committee: Ken Hutchinson, Susan Lord, Kurt Mencel, and Laura Sprowls. *Ken Hutchinson has requested to be used as the primary fix it/go to person (he has graciously said he would still assist with committee duties if needed). Therefore it was discussed and decided that we would like to identify 2-3 additional members to join the Committee with one ideally from the council to serve as a liaison.


  1. The Property Committee oversees:


  1. Operational functions as they relate to CBTS buildings and grounds
  2. Deals with major maintenance issues that arise
  3. Conceives and recommends new capital project proposals (including estimated and or fixed costs for review by the Council of Deacons)
  4. Oversees and provides quality control of any current or upcoming approved projects
  5. Manages the Property Committee annual budget


*If there are additional duties or concerns with the current responsibilities – would the Council

please communicate this to me – thanks Kurt Mencel


  1. The Property Committee meeting times:


Will meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1630 hours – this will allow us to present information/topics to the Executive Team (who meet later that week) to be placed on the agenda for the Council meeting later that month.


  1. There are two major projects that are in the process of seeking request for proposals (RFP’s) based on previous discussion and the Reserve Study – they are:


  1. Concrete repair/tuck pointing on the Sanctuary (Susan Lord)
  2. Landscape project around the campus to include: preschool play area (upheaval of cement around tree), current contract of landscape maintenance (just reviewing with current vendor), deterioration of  of grass on long parking area, oceanfront erosion/landscaping, ground cover around sanctuary bed areas to deal with erosion and exposed pipes(Kurt Mencel)


  1. Miscellaneous items resolved or under consideration:


  1. Outdoor lights/electrical issues around sanctuary – I met with electrician who replaced outside sensor for parking lot light above the arbor by Sanctuary and replaced some outside outlets with working GFI outlets around the sanctuary (Kurt Mencel)
  2. Bed Bug issue – Sanctuary tented (Tim Sprowls). I contacted Department of Health and then had several positive conversations with the member who may have been the possible source of infestation of Sanctuary. The conversation was received well by the member who was having their apartment fumigated; in addition, I explained to the member on how to kill Bed Bugs that may be in their vehicles (as advised by Kamaaina Pest Control – they did the tenting of Sanctuary). Member also stated that they were laundering all of their bed linens and laundry – Will continue to monitor (Kurt Mencel)
  3. Worn cushions in Sanctuary (Susan Lord)
  4. Approval given to Lehua to replace AC Unit (Kurt Mencel)
  5. Misc items being repaired (Ken Hutchinson)


Discussion of the green bin and crates outside ANC. Tim Sprowls will call Lehua and see if we can have the garbage picked up on Saturdays, so that it is better cleared by Sunday services.


  1. New Business

    1. Makana Lani and readying for Youth – Tim Sprowls
    2. “Just Desserts” charitable giving report: Pu Quirk:

The 2017 endowment team hosted a charitable gift planning seminar luncheon for Calvary By the Sea entitled “God’s Just Desserts” on Sunday, May 21, 2017. Childcare was provided. This event was a repeat of an event given October 14, 2016. The event was updated with current information about gifts given to Calvary By the Sea this year. Presenters talked story about gifts that have been given to Calvary in the past and the recent gifts in 2016 and 2017 as well as future planned gifts. They also talked about their personal feelings and plans for giving and general ideas about different ways to do charitable giving. The presenters were Linda Hansen, Linda Cluney, Bruce Kau, Pulelehua Quirk and Pastor Tim. Attendees were given time to contemplate their own plan for giving and were invited to share them with the group.


  1. New Member Confirmation: Pastor John Lunn and Brenda Molina Jennifer Welch motioned to approve Brenda Molina and John Lund as members. Lisa May Montano seconded. Unanimous.
  2. Increase church credit card limit – Mary Pat: Mary Pat Ashby motioned that we increase our church First Hawaiian Bank Master Card credit card limit to $20,000.00. Kim Bock seconded. Pat Wong suggested that we get miles for our credit card. Unanimous.
  3. Building Use Guidelines/Policies – Mary Pat: There was consensus that outside groups should only use Hale Aloha. Pastor Tim will have Lehua communicate this policy to our various groups.
  4. Staff Support Update – Cheryl: Pat Wong will be the new chairperson on the Staff Support Committee. Pat Wong will be getting additional members for the committee.

  1. Old Business

    1. Approval of the Growth Grant Guidelines/Application Process and Volunteers – Mary Pat Ashby (email that described growth grant guidelines): Deferred to next month. Kim Bock volunteered to organize the Heffrin and Lau funds.
    2. UI Wedding 2018 Contract Modification: Paul Tomita proposes a contract modification that involves changing the later time slots to two hour blocks. Deferred to next month.
    3. Liaisons for Committees: Tim Sprowls Tim will send an email for us to consider which liaison slots we are willing to serve on.
    4. Heffrin Fund – Charity nominations: Deferred to next month
    5. Website Update – Kaui Lucas: We need to upgrade the Spectrum Business Service before we can launch the website. It was noted that the President of the COD signs all contracts.
  2. Additional Business
    1. Retreat planning has begun. October 6 – 9, 2017. Kim Bock would like to come to the next Exec committee meeting to propose pricing.
  3. Adjournment and Closing Prayer: The meeting was adjourned at 8:10  p.m. with a prayer led by Pastor Tim Mason.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Welch, Secretary