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Approved Minutes- April 2017
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Approved Minutes- April 2017

Posted by: Admin on Tue, May 9, 2017

Council of Deacons Meeting

April 20, 2017

Draft Minutes

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call:  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.  Members present: Paul O. Jones, Cheryl Tuitele, Pastor Tim Mason, Tim Sprowls, Mary Pat Ashby, Patti Kickland, Lea Del Castillo, Lisa May Montano and Jennifer Welch. Also present were Momi Martinez and Tom Poole.
  2. Devotions: Pastor Tim Mason led devotions.
  3. Approval of Minutes from March 16, 2017 meeting: Motion to approve minutes was made by Cheryl Tuitele and seconded by Lisa May Montano. Unanimous.
  4. Reports

Preschool – Momi Martinez


The Toddler Program has 14 students.

The Primary Program has 50 students.

After Care has 22 students.



  • The Police came to visit us in March. They made keiki IDs for the children, shared about the work they do to keep our communities safe, let the children take a close look at thekr police car and answered the children’s questions.

  • April 21  Paramedics
  • April 27 – Parent Workshop on Montessori Math
  • May 5 – Walkathon Fundraiser
  • May 12 – Graduation/Potluck dinner


The school continues to be in the black, and is doing well.


Campus Safety

HPD Officer Libarios came on April 17th and made several suggestions to improve our campus safety:

  • Simple, written policies and practice drills to insure all staff members know their roles. New staff must also be trained to know their role.
  • Easy to use intercom or walkie talkie system for immediate emergency notification.
  • A gate system to minimize traffic flow along the school entryway perimeters during school hours.
  • Cameras facing driveways and entryways internally and externally.
  • Designated security person wearing a vest.
    1. Pastor’s Report – Pastor Tim Mason
      1. Many thanks Tim Sprowls' for hosting our COD Orientation at his home.  It was great to begin getting to know everyone in such a relaxed setting.
      2. I appreciate all who attended the Whale Watching events we had, and I am especially thankful for Island Divers Hawaii for their constant support of CBTS and other non-profits.
      3. I am still in need of an official “Fellowship Committee” to provide events that people can get to know each other, eat together, have some fun etc.
      4. I hosted the movie, “Bucket List” which included a short discussion. Attendance was sparce.
      5. We will be showing the movie “St. Vincent” with Bill Murray on May 28 from 6 pm. We will have a brief discussion following.
      6. Many thanks to Tom, Ina, Erin, Fletcher, Monika and all those who assisted us with all the work in preparing, setup, teardown and taking care of all the details for Holy Week. Many hands are needed for these events, and I really felt we had some wonderful worship experiences.  Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart.
      7. I will be attending the Annual Pacifica Synod Assembly from May 8-13.
      8. Youth Director Search Team:

I have organized a team and we will be meeting on April 27 at 6:30 p.m. The first goal is to evaluate the needs of the youth program at CBTS. We then need to determine if we need a part-time or fulltime to accomplish our needs. Last, the committee will present a proposal to COD.

  1. Western States Youth Gathering:

We have 7 youth and 1 Chaperone (Brister Thomas) attending the event. Initial deposits for registration is complete. We will be sending the remaining amount due when we receive an email from the coordinator. April 20, Brister, Pastor Jeff Lilley from LCH had a meeting working out travel details, rules, dates, times of departure and such.  Brister will be handling all the registration, insurance, background checks and flights as soon as we have all the information from the participants. The dates the group will be gone will be June 27 – July 2 and the event is held at Californian Lutheran University. We will be having our first parent and participant meeting on May 7 at CBTS from 6 pm.  At this meeting, Pastor Jeff and Brister will be explaining rules, expectations and travel details. Be ready to support some fund-raising events coming up in the near future.


After discussion, it was decided that the treasurer will purchase trip insurance. Attendees of the Gathering are asked to participate in fundraising in return for their trip being paid for.

  1. “Great Chefs Fight Hunger” event on March 25th: The Tuitele’s bought a table at this event and Mac and Judy Joseph sat at the table. The Osorio family performed.
  2. VBS:

The LRCC team is made up of four individuals and will be with us from July 1-17. The total costs for their flights should be $2371.48, and I have instructed them to purchase these tickets. I have copies of the VBS Program for everyone. We need people for registration, meals, set-up and tear-down, PR, maybe making T-shirts etc.

Pastor shared the 2017 VBS Day Camp packet with the COD. A copy of the packet is on file in the office.


The first week of camp is for middle and high school students and the second week is for children entering Kindergarten through 6th grade.


Pati Kickland volunteered to be the Liaison, including Registration for VBS.


We will need volunteers for lunch and dinners for the teaching team.


Pastor Tim announced our new members: Holly and Jacob Larson, Rhonda and Kevin Dietsch, Tammy, Kurt, Allysa and Alek Mencel, Daniel Lee Bice, and Beth Ellen Eskritt joined. Cheryl Tuitele motioned to accept the new members as of April 2, 2017. Lea Del Castillo seconded. Unanimous.


  1. Music and Worship Report – Tom Poole


John 20: 19‒31 Jesus appears to disciples; Thomas’ unbelief

Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Tom Poole/Ms. Amie 



John 20: 19‒31; SEE ABOVE

 Preaching @ 7:30; Presiding @ 10, Kahu Tim

 Preaching @ 10 am, Stuart Coleman (Surfrider Foundation) 

 Music, Samoan Gospel Heralds (10 am)






Luke. 24: 13‒35 walk to Emmaus, resurrection appearances

Preacher, Kahu Tim

 Music, Tom  Poole



Luke 24: 13‒35; SEE ABOVE

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Keiki Choir @ 10 am service




MAY— TRIBE 1, Pulelehua Quirk





John 10: 1‒10 Jesus the Good Shepherd

Preacher, Kahu Tim

 Music, Tom  Poole


May 7—EASTER 4

John 10: 1‒30; SEE ABOVE

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Becky Yoza and Krystle Ham (bell duet) @ 10 am service


*May 13—EASTER 5

John 14: 1‒14 Jesus is the way to the Father; the truth

Preacher, Kahu Tim

 Music, Tom  Poole



John 14: 1-14; SEE ABOVE

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Calvary Choir, “In the Sweet By-and-By,” “Where Your Treasure Is”


*May 20—EASTER 6

John 14: 15‒21 promise of Holy Spirit/if you love me keep my commandments Preacher, Kahu Tim, Music, Tom Poole



John 14: 15-21; SEE ABOVE

 Presiding, Kahu Tim

 Music, PAC @ both services


*May 27—EASTER 7

John 17: 1‒11 High Priestly Prayer

Preacher, Kahu Tim

 Music, Tom Poole


May 28—EASTER 7

John 17: 1‒1; SEE ABOVE

 Preaching, Kahu Tim

 Music, Calvary Choir, “Hard Times, Come Again No More”



29 May, Memorial Day

1 June, Pentecost

21 June (Wed), tentative ANC Fund-Raiser by

 University United Methodist Church Youth Choir, Chapel Hill, NC

 (tentative—choir to assist w/ ANC Food distribution 22 or 23 June)



•Ina in Germany 2 July—3 August/Fletch in Germany 17 July—3 August

•Guest Choir in June/ANC FUNDRAISER coupled with SERVICE OPPORTUNITY

•Tom vacation 31 July (Mon)—4 Aug (Fri)





In 2018 Holy Week is March 25 (Palm/Passion Sunday) through April 1 (Easter). Maundy Thursday is March 29; Good Friday is March 30; Easter Vigil is March 31. Easter is April 1.


Need to stress the need for volunteers to assist in the services, especially the Three Days, Easter Sunrise, and the take down after the 10 am Easter service. The on-line volunteering from the entire congregation did not seem to work. Holy Week is open to the entire congregation, and not only to the tribe of the month.


The attendance for the Three Days is waning—especially for Maundy Thursday. The concern from people not attending has to do with the foot washing—too self-conscious about their own feet. They seem to have forgotten that it is about service—the washing of the other person’s feet. And, the significance of the Three Days in the history of Christianity could have been stressed more. Also, the attendance in 2017 was less than 20. It meant almost everyone who attended had a part in the set-up, take-down, and the service itself. [There was a surprising absence from choir members as well as COD.]


The Good Friday service for Holy Week 2017 was a combination of choral music and Holy Scripture. The choir presented two movements from the Requiem by Gabriel Fauré surrounding a Readers’ Theatre setting of the Passion According to Matthew also presented by the choir.


The Easter Vigil service on Saturday night did seem to have more people in attendance that last year. For Easter Vigil 2018 (MARCH 31), work on getting a fire that will burn, and don’t forget to have FOOD cooking in the fire. (The cooking of food alleviates the need for a Ceremonial Burning Permit!) Consider expanding the number of passages read outdoors; the use of a funeral march for the procession inside; a Lenten Gospel Acclamation; and a Glory to God (Gloria) after the Gospel. The Gospel marks this service as Jesus’ journey to life. EMPHASIZE THAT W/ THE GOSPEL THIS IS THE FIRST RESURRECTION SERVICE—MAKE IT CONVINCING!


A suggestion has been made that in 2018 the 7:30 am Easter Morning service also be held outside. Concern for number of chairs usable for outside, the congregation sitting in the sun, and the limitations of amplified sound system should be considered.


Both the Palm/Passion Sunday services and all three of the Easter Sunday services were at the level of Calvary’s expectation of exceptional services in content and presentation, except for the number of people assisting in the services whether it was the braiding of the lei (no one braided in the 7:30 service; only 3 in the 10 am service), and assisting in the service.


Recommendation for 2018: focus on the Three Days as one continuous worship service shaped by the “events” of each day: Maundy Thursday=the new commandment of love/service; Good Friday=crucifixion/death; Easter Vigil=journey to life. Focus on The Three Days as the central, pivotal service(s) for both the believer and the Church. Rethink the way of volunteering for assistance in all the Holy Week services. Keep exploring ways of worship that would speak to all the people, and through which all the people can speak.



  1. Treasurer’s Report – Mary Pat Ashby:

    1. Mary Pat Ashby announced that John Keys is planning to leave his position by June 1, 2017. He is willing to help train his replacement and be a part of the interview team.
    2. Susan Lord and Manning Richards have agreed to serve on the Audit Committee.
    3. Mary Pat Ashby told the Council that Jan Guard gave their notice to the church. A.P.I is taking over security as of May 1, 2017.



Treasurer’s Summary: FY2017

As of March 31, 2017



This is the first year of financial reporting by individual funds: the General Fund, the Diane Lau Youth Fund, and the Heffrin Fund.



General Fund:

Stewardship Offerings were 21% below budget year-to-date March 31, 2017.  The trend is continuing from last year, and appears to be related to a similar drop in attendance.


Wedding income was above budget year-to-date by 17%.  The January and February weddings were slightly above budget, but the March events were significantly higher, more than 50%, than the original projections.


Due to the increase in the weddings, the total year-to-date income was above budget by 5%.


Lau Fund:

The balance of Diane Lau’s gift to Calvary was received in February.  This represents significant additional income for the year.  The funds have been deposited in the ELCA Mission Investment Fund, a demand checking account that earns a much higher rate than local offerings.  The intent is to set aside funds for the operation of youth programs this year, and then to invest the majority of the money is funds that will provide future income.


Heffrin Fund:

The church received a large donation from the estate of Donald Heffrin last fall.  It is also deposited in the ELCA Mission Investment Fund.  The 2017 budget calls for a series of grants to be given to congregational projects which will help grow the church in several areas, and to fund capital projects.  Income through March includes a small final check from the estate and interest earned



General Fund expenses were slightly under budget at the end of the period.  This is in spite of the fact that the church had to tent the sanctuary, which was a large and unplanned cost.


The Lau fund expenses consist mainly of Sunday School and PAC costs.  Deposits for the Vacation Bible School, run by the Lutheran Camps and Conferences, and for the youth attending the Western State Youth Gathering in late June have been paid.


As the grant process has not yet started, there were no expenses assigned to the Heffrin Fund.


Net Income

The General Fund was close to break-even.

The Lau Fund will show a large net income all year due to significant contribution received this fiscal year.

The Heffrin Fund showed a positive balance due to the lack of expense.  It is planned that, as the grants are issued, the fund will show a loss for the year since all the funds were received last year.

The full report is on file in the church office.

  1. New Business

    1. There was a motion by Cheryl Tuitele to accept Bruce Kau and Linda Hansen to attend Pacifica Synod Annual Assembly May 11 – 13, 2017 representing our congregation and approve up to $2800.00 to cover their costs. Lisa May seconded. Unanimous.
    2. Growth Grant Guidelines/Application Process and Volunteers – Mary Pat Ashby
      1. There was a consensus of the COD to begin the Growth Grants Application process June 1, 2017. There will be a one month application process. We reviewed the rough draft and Council members will respond to Mary Pat Ashby with comments. The rough draft is on file in the church office. Mary Pat will start the advertising process. Tim Sprowls will speak with Pu Quirk about the Endowment Committee taking on the Growth Grants.
      2. Pulelehua Quirk’s proposed continuing resolution:
      3. “Whereas the Endowment Team is in place and will be starting the application process soon for the Endowment Grants. Whereas the Endowment Team in the past has had many more requests for projects then we can fund, and have then taken the opportunity to make recommendations for actions by the COD. Whereas there has been designated Growth grants in this year’s budget. Propose that this year the Endowment Team to examine Endowment fund  requests that exceed the endowment teams authority or scope, or ability to fund with the purpose of recommending projects that could be funded as a Growth grant.”


  1. Definition of “Youth”/ ”Youth Group” for Diane Lau Funds

    1. Pulelehua Quirk’s proposed continuing resolution:

“Whereas as the Diane Lau bequest of 2016 was designated for Youth. Whereas the definition of Youth is not defined in the bequest. Whereas the COD and congregation do not have a clear definition of Youth. Whereas the congregation is under represented in the 18-30 age groups, perhaps due to lake of programs. Whereas UNsesco defines youth as 15-24 year olds Whereas the Population Reference bureaus defines youth as 10-24 year olds Whereas The European Youth partnership states. "Age could be a useful, but insufficient indication to characterise the transition to adulthood. So far, age distinction has been mostly considered as prevailing approach in defining youth, but we should not neglect that social status and life situations may also play a role……. Concerning the most often definition (predominately 15-29) . ” Propose that the definition of youth be persons between the ages of 0-29.  this would include, infants, school age students in Preschool, Elementary, secondary and higher education, and Young adults 21-29.


Cheryl Tuitele motioned that the definition of youth at Calvary By the Sea Lutheran Church be persons between the ages of 0 through 25.  Paul O. Jones seconded. Unanimous.

  1. Endowment Committee Report -

    1. Request/Approval: Pat Wong reported that applications are coming through and they will be ready for approval at the May COD meeting. Just Desserts will take place on May 21, after church. It will be a luncheon.


  1. Old Business

    1. UI Wedding 2018 Contract Modification: Paul Tomita proposes a contract modification that involves changing the later time slots to two hour blocks. Postponed to May COD meeting.
    2. Legacy Gift Mission designations: Patti Kickland, Kaui Lucas, Mary Pat Ashby volunteered to research possible missions and involve others from the congregation. We will poll the congregation tentatively in July 2017.
    3. Childcare workers for 2017: Paul O. Jones is volunteering each Sunday to help out. Alana Ako also helps out. The Safety Action Committee will figure out how to have full coverage. Paul spoke to the fact that he could use help. This is tabled until the Safety Action Committee meets this month.
    4. Celebration of Life for Diane Lau – Lisa May Montano: This Sunday, we are having a potluck and inviting the Samoan Heralds. They are asking everyone to bring a side dish. Julie from Kamehameha Schools is preparing spaghetti and grilled vegetables in the ANC kitchen.
    5. Liaisons for Committees – Tim Sprowls will send a scanned image of the current liaison sign up list. We will finalize the list in May, 2017.


  1. Additional Business

    1. Tenting of the Sanctuary: Tim Sprowls had the sanctuary building tented for bed bugs. The cost was $10,000.00.
    2. Entry door to Ohana Lani: Tim Sprowls will contact Kurt Mencel to get this process started.


  1. Adjournment and Closing Prayer Closing prayer was the Lord’s Prayer said in unison. The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Welch