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Mission Statement



Mission Statement

This Church is committed to transforming individuals, and to serving all People through Jesus Christ.

Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church is a community of transforming individuals unified in Christ, inspired by the Gospel, and living in the world as a base camp of lovers and healers. The spirit of this Biblically-based community is inclusive, embracing the global community and especially those without a church home.

The people of Calvary by the Sea understand that their mission is to provide for the needs of the community including the poor, the homeless, and the dispossessed and to bring a healing of mind, body, spirit and relationships to all.

This mission is accomplished through enthusiastic tithing of time, talents, and money and expresses itself in worship life centered in Christ through prayer, raise and thanksgiving.  Through these activities disciples are formed who then come together in groups that, like yeast, lifts the entire quality of life of our neighborhoods. These groups reach to all persons through intimacy, prayer and support and strengthen our community through their participation. It is the belief of the people of Calvary by the sea Lutheran Church that, as Jesus transforms individuals, these individuals create a holistic community, which in turn transforms the whole society.

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